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Take a Guided Tour of ClassBase™


ClassBase is ClassWorld's premier web application for building Alumni Internet Communities. The Guided Tour is still under construction, but in the meantime, please visit our Sample site and our demonstration site, Mustangs71.

ClassBase Sample
Imagine you are on the Reunion Committee for the Rancho Carne High School Toros, Class of 1992. This sample installation shows exactly how your new ClassBase site for the "1992 Toros" will look as soon as your order is processed, before you edit any pages. Notice that most of the site customization is built in to the design of ClassBase, and many pages are completely usable without any further changes. Even the Flash movie at the top of each page is generated automatically. As a visitor to this sample, you can login with userid: guest, password: classworld.
Visit the real web site of San Dieguito High School, Class of 1971. This will give you a good idea of how a ClassBase site can look once you get it going. For the privacy of the members, we cannot give you a login, so you won't be able to view all the pages. If this were your site, you'd appreciate that!

ClassBase Site Administration Tools

Each ClassBase site comes with its own set of powerful web-based tools for

  • Content Management, including page editing.
  • Member Administration
  • Site Configuration Management
  • Customizing the page appearance.

Coming Soon ... a demonstration of the Site Administration Tools.


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