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Virtual Hosting / Shared Hosting

As you probably know, virtual or shared hosting (they are the same thing) is far and away the most effective web hosting model for small and medium-sized businesses. Rather than purchase and support your own computer system as a web host, you share a system with a number of other users.

This idea is far from new -- computer timesharing was pioneered in the 1960s. In fact, the Unix operating system was invented by Bell Labs researchers in the early 1970s specifically to serve as a timesharing operating system. Not surprising that most web servers today run on various flavors of Unix: Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and freeBSD.

It's called virtual hosting because, to the outside world, it appears as if your domain has its own private web server. Your visitors have no idea the server is being shared.

Why Virtual Hosting?

The advantage to you is that you don't have to pay for the entire computer system, along with power, backups, and support.

The advantage to your customers is that they can be served by a much larger and more powerful system than you would have used for a dedicated server. Even though it is being shared, they will usually see much better performance.

So, until you are ready to dedicate your private GHz multi-processor server, with at least 500MB RAM, high-performance RAID disks and redundant LANICs, plus an experienced system administrator to keep it all humming, it is our opinion you and your customers are probably much better off with virtual hosting.

ClassWorld™ Professional Web Hosting


ClassWorld offers professional quality virtual hosting packages for those who wish to develop their own web site. ClassBase is not included in these plans. We have compared the features and prices of many web hosting plans and are convinced that our prices, features and quality are representative of the best values available on the net today.

ClassWorld Professional Web Hosting plans are reasonably priced, but most importantly they offer

  • Industry-standard Linux operating system.
  • Multiprocessor Intel-based servers at gigaHertz speeds.
  • Up-to-date versions of critical applications such as Apache, PHP4 and mySQL.
  • Telnet and SSH logins
  • Outstanding security, connectivity and bandwidth.
  • Extensive self-administration capabilities through a user-friendly control panel.
  • ClassWorld support.

Note: ClassWorld Web Hosting is not for everyone: no spammers, no porn sites, no illegal file sharing. For details and explanations of these policies, please refer to our Important Legal Stuff section.

Accounts are usually setup within an hour, but may take up to 24 hours depending on when you submit your order. You can use your account as soon as it's set up, but please remember that domain transfer time is outside our control. Domain transfer typically takes 48-72 hours, which is how long it takes for the Domain Name Service (DNS) changes to propagate through the internet.


Why ClassWorld Hosting?

We use virtual web hosting ourselves, and try to keep up with the best the industry has to offer. In the past we have dealt personally with hosting providers that gave us software and hardware that was years out of date, no user "control panel" utilities, and a support staff so ignorant that the simplest requests had to be escalated. No thanks!

We knew what we were looking for when we left them, and our current arrangement not only gives us what we wanted, but affords us the opportunity to share it with you at prices that are less than half of what we used to pay.

  • Up to date software: our servers are supplied with the latest versions of Apache, mySQL and PHP.
  • Security: Our Network Data Center is staffed and monitored 24/7/365.
  • Convenience & Control: To help you manage all aspects of your account we provide you with the latest version of CPanel. This tool lets you perform many tasks that used to require a support call (and even escalation) with our former provider. To view a demo click here.


All our plans are based on monthly subscription payments using PayPal.

  • Package upgrades can be made at any time.
  • You can purchase Extras any time you need them.
  • If you wish to downgrade your package, the change in fee will take effect the following month.

NOTE: You must first Read and Agree to our important legal stuff before signing up for an account. Signing up for an account signifies your acceptance of all Terms & Conditions and Policies listed on the important legal stuff page.

Professional Web Hosting Plan Features

To order: click the price of the plan and payment terms you want.







CLICK TO ORDER: Pay Monthly $9.95 $14.95 $24.95 $29.95 $34.95
Plus Setup $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00
Web Space 50 MB 100 MB 200 MB 350 MB 500 MB
Bandwidth 500 MB 1 GB 2 GB 3.5 GB 5 GB
POP E-Mail 25 35 50 100 250
Sub-Domains 2 5 10 25 50
FTP Accounts 1 5 10 25 50
MySQL 2 3 4 5 10
Auto Responders Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
E-mail Aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
E-mail Forwards Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Web Stats
Raw Logs
Mailing List 5 5 5 5 5
Nightly Backups
Shopping Cart
Domains 1 1 1 1 1
Pass Protected Dirs
FrontPage Ext.
Pre Installed CGI
Search Eng. Submit


You may cancel your service at any time. If you are paying monthly, we will refund the prorated unused portion of the current month. If you are paying annually, we will refund the prorated unused portion of the year, less the $20 setup charge. However, if your account is in violation of our Terms and Conditions, any refunds will be at the discretion of ClassWorld management.


Purchase these extras any time you need them by sending email to If your usage of web space or bandwidth in a month exceeds the amount on your plan, we may charge your account automatically.

Extras / Add Ons Cost Amount
Additional Web Space   $5.00 monthly 100 MB
Extra Bandwidth   $7.50 monthly 1000 MB
Dedicated IP
Requires justification per ARIN Guidelines
  $3.00 monthly  

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