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Before you apply for hosting from, it is imperative that you read and agree with the following legal documents. These documents are to protect the rights of you our customer and us the supplier of your services.

Terms & Conditions
The Terms & Conditions provide the fundamental legal basis under which we offer service.
Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy describes how we handle your personal information.
Acceptable Use Policy
As a customer of, there are certain limitations in how you can use your service and what type of content you can provide on your web site. Our Acceptable Use Policy describes these limitations.
Spam Policy
Unsolicited Commercial Email, or "Spam", has become a global problem and does not permit our systems to be used for that purpose. If you will be doing any emailing from your site, it is essential that you review our policies in this area.
CGI Abuse Policy
Because our hosting systems are shared we must ensure that no single user consumes an excessive proportion of system resources. If you will be using any server-side scripts or programs, you must review these policies.

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