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ClassBase™: Web Technology
for Reunion Planning


Planning a Class Reunion?

ClassWorld offers reunion planners a professional web presence that will not only promote your events effectively, but will build and maintain class community for the years to come.

If you're reading this with a web browser, then you probably already know that the internet can make your reunion planning much more effective. You may have looked at, which provides a very useful alumni registration service.

But requires a fee from each member in order to make full use of their service, and even then there is much they do not provide. If you're planning a reunion for even the smallest class, you need a class website that will help directly with:

  • Locating missing classmates
  • Maintaining an up to date email list
  • Maintaining classmates' postal addresses, and phone numbers
  • Updating whatever other personal information that classmates want to share with each other.
  • Sending out email notices
  • Listing deceased classmates
  • Coordination with personal computer reunion planning software
  • Event promotion, registration and payment
  • Sharing memories, old and new

If you've ever tried to maintain all these lists manually, you know that it's difficult to keep them up to date and consistent. For example, it can be embarrassing and hurtful when a classmate on the "Missing" list already appears on the list of classmates who have passed away.

And if you use reunion planning software on your personal computer, such as Minutiae Software's Reunion Planner, you need a way to automatically synchronize it with your web site.

The solution is ClassBase™, a product of ClassWorld. Click here for pricing or to place an order.


Sharing Memories?

Whether it's yearbook photos, pictures from the last reunion, poetry by a classmate, an obituary for a lost friend, or just shared memories of childhood, keeping these memories alive is one of the greatest things we can do for each other.

In an era when our classmates may be scattered across the globe, the Internet is the only effective medium for sharing these memories on a regular basis with large numbers of our classmates. A good web site can help by providing

  • Classmates' Email lists
  • Photo pages
  • Classmates' Memories pages
  • Links to classmates' personal web sites
  • On-line yearbooks

The solution? ClassBase™ from ClassWorld. Click here for pricing or to place an order.

Introducing ClassBase™ ...

ClassWorld is not just a "web hosting service". Our ClassBase™ product is an integrated database and content management system used by reunion planners and class associations to create web sites tailored to their specific needs.

Key features of 'ClassBase' ...

  • Your classmate information is stored in a relational database on your web server. Web pages are generated on demand directly from the classmate database so they are always consistent and up-to-date.
  • Each classmate can register with the web site and update their own personal information. This feature alone can save hundreds of hours of work by reunion planners.
  • Since your classmate database is available on the web, members of your reunion committee can share the responsibility for updating registration and personal information. There's no longer a need for all updates to go through the "keeper of the official list". No more tedious comparisons of lists to see what info has changed.
  • Integrated mail list features make it easy to send announcements and updates.
  • Our content and configuration management system provides a high degree of control over your site's appearance.
  • Our integration with Minutiae Software's Reunion Planner desktop software rounds out a complete solution for reunion planners.
  • Want your own domain? Enhanced solutions, such as personal domains and greater site customization, are available. Click here for more information.

Click here for pricing or to place an order for ClassBase.

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